Luke Kirby

Software Consultant

I came across Waterstons for the first time at a graduate recruitment fair, during the final year of my Master's degree in Physics and Astronomy at Durham University. Over the course of my studies, the demand for more intensive computation and data analysis increased with each research project I undertook. Before long, I was using Python for anything from automating data reduction to simulating the collapse of star clusters. My growing experience in the use of software to solve problems both simple and complex only developed my interest further, blurring the line between work and leisure far more so than any other aspect of my degree. It was this realisation that led me to pursue a career in software development.

My graduate role as a Software Consultant provides me with an amazing opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of my software knowledge in a range of different situations. Even better is the knowledge that the overall goal of my work will be to put a smile on a client’s face. I’ve always had a curious urge to help others solve their problems – this job puts that front and centre.

When it comes to unwinding, I’m a sucker for escapism, so I’m drawn to great narratives in books, movies and video games. D&D with a few friends is always a firm favourite too. Sometimes though, it’s the simpler things in life I enjoy the most, be it walks through nature, wine and movie nights with my girlfriend, or ogling LEGO sets that I really shouldn’t buy.


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