Neelam Lodhia

Project Manager

Having graduated from the University of Hull in 2015 with a degree in History and Archaeology you could be forgiven for thinking a career in IT and Project Management might not have been top of the list! But what my time at university did teach me, was how to analyse and research large pieces of information and collate them into a project design or a report, which started to pave the way for my interest in Project Management. When it came to deciding the right sector to be a PM in, it was IT and technology which really stood out to me. Technology is a massive part of everyday life and it is forever changing and progressing. I want to be a part of this industry and I want to learn more about what we can achieve through technology. I’ve always been able to pick up pieces of technology and learn everything I need to know about it without any real instruction. Now that I’m here, I know that IT is the right place for me.

Before Waterstons, my first role was working for a small computer software company within the retail sector as a Customer Support Executive. This role increased my understanding of the IT and Technology sector and I was able to learn on the job and contribute to the different departments of the company. My interest in Project Management grew whilst working closing with different clients and being an all-important point of contact between them and the technical experts. This drive and motivation lead me to undertake the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Courses

I'm based in Waterstons' London office, working as a Project Management Consultant in the Technology Projects Team and I am enjoying the many exciting challenges that come with it.

Outside of work, it probably comes as no surprise that I enjoy visiting lots of historical places. One day I hope to tick off all the castles in the UK but I doubt that that will happen anytime soon! In addition to my love of history, I'm also kept busy with family events and functions. Having such a huge network of people around me is something that I have always loved and there is always something to talk about. Last but not least, dancing! It’s always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl and it’s such an important part of my life still.


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