Ray Renteurs

Purchasing Manager

My previous career roles have involved Technical Sales in plastics and industrial coatings. Formulating injection moulded materials for the automotive sector can, essentially, prepare you for anything! I joined Waterstons in 2001, initially to assist with office admin. However, as the company expanded, it soon became apparent that the majority of my time would be spent in procurement.

Procurement – noun. The act of obtaining or buying goods and services

The responsibilities of the Purchasing Department at Waterstons can be split into two areas:

  • Resale to clients – supplying a wide range of hardware and software vendors; Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Dell, HP, Sophos and many others
  • Waterstons requirements – cap-ex and services to maintain the business

As one can surmise, this means that my role within the company gets me involved in many different areas. This variety is something I truly relish.

Ensuring that goods and services are supplied in a timely fashion and at the best price to internal and external customers is something I thrive on.

My years of experience mean I’m well acquainted with a wide range of vendors including their licensing models and hardware configurations.


Outside of work, my main interest lies in music production. It’s really amazing what can be achieved in the home studio these days. Googling my name will lead to various examples and Youtube clips.

I also work with my father on a project dedicated to the sound of one particular guitar, the Fender™ Stratocaster™. More details of our endeavours can be found at shadesofstrat.myfreesites.net

I’m also an avid computer gamer as well as being a bit of a beer snob with a penchant for real ale.


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