Reece Lovett

Technology Consultant

The Journey

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a strong desire for technology. As a child, after seeing my family friend’s computer, I gave myself one objective: save all the pocket money that I can. Not before long I had the money and purchased my first computer. What a feeling that was! Years later I managed to achieve IT awards at school which were presented in front of an Olympic medallist on stage (who I had honestly never heard of…). Choosing to skip University, I decided to complete an apprenticeship and was able to secure professional qualifications.

Over the years I’ve taken an interest in different technical areas and embraced my nerdy ways. I’ve built my own and friends gaming PC’s, created websites using a mix of coding languages, developed levels for my video games, edited videos using professional tools, and have even installed mods or emulators on devices such as a Raspberry Pi - to re-live those PS1 days.

Working Life

I’ve always been keen on striking the perfect balance between doing business with people and working with technology. Working at Waterstons enables me the opportunity to expand and explore these passions even further. Unlike most companies that throw you in at the deep end, the business gives you the time and resources needed to let you stand on your own two feet and approach your work with confidence, whilst indulging you in their family-like culture.

If I were to describe myself in two words, it’s open and honest. I feel that most people I have worked with over the years would agree, but also recognise that I am ready to provide a helping hand where I can. I love to learn about the latest and greatest and want to see not just myself, but everyone around me succeed. If you are ever unsure and think I can help, please never be afraid to ask.


When I am not working, I love to spend time playing guitar, football (or various sports) with friends and of course video games - either on PS4 or on my PC. Where possible I love the opportunity to get away, travel and explore. I’ve managed to tick off traveling most of South East Asia and Europe. Next on my list could be either the States or Japan!


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