Ross Dargan

Executive Software Consultant Lead Specialist in Mobile Development

I started working at Waterstons over 10 years ago, straight from University, fresh-faced and with no clue how to be a consultant. 10 Years on and I’ve certainly lost the fresh-faced look and I’m confident in saying that my experience is reflected in my ability to consult!

Where is all started…

My first foray into development started when I was 7 with a ZX spectrum, quickly followed by an Amstrad NC200 “Notebook”. This allowed me to write all sorts of programs in BBC basic and by the time I had finished I had implemented account logins (even though only I used it!), several games and a messaging application.

I learnt PHP out of necessity at University, as all the colleges used it for their college websites. Whilst I can’t confirm the rumour that I may have been involved in “adjusting” a rival college’s vote about which college was the best, I certainly did learn that PHP had its weaknesses if not used correctly!

My focus nowadays…

I’m now in charge of our mobile development offering, which basically means you can easily tell which desk is mine from all the devices (or “toys” as most of my colleagues jealously refer to them as) I have!

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how we can offer a great cross-platform experience whilst maximising the value of existing code wherever possible. I’m happy to go into a lot more detail than this so just ask me for a chat; I was warned to keep this short!

Anything else…

I’ve got 3 young sons at home keeping me very busy, but apart from my family I can often be found trying to figure out how to deter the slugs from demolishing my chilli plants, or enjoying a good single malt. I’m also partial to a bit of ‘zombie killing’ online with friends, or geeking out over new technology.


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