Theo Gordon

Software Consultant

You must be pretty bored if you’re checking out my profile!

Now that you’re here we may as well delve into my life story. Hailing from the sunny seaside town of Lytham St Annes, I grew up with a love for all things weird, wonderful, and most importantly technological. I was an inquisitive and clumsy child, managing to break literally any piece of technology that I came into contact with, trying to figure out exactly how these seemingly magical devices worked.

I joined Waterstons straight out of university, after finishing my Computer Science degree at Newcastle University (please ask me about what degree classification I came out with, I’d love to tell you about how clever I am). Whilst my final year project was primarily an investigation into the effectiveness of Static Analysis tools, it was also an enthralling study of just how much caffeine, and how little sleep the human body can cope with.

I was drawn to Waterstons due to the people focussed nature of the company, both towards employees and customers. Whilst I’ve joined Managed Services in the Delivery team, I’m the sort of person who likes to try lots of different roles and have already started asking about doing work with different departments in the company. I’m pretty happy to give anything a go, so who knows where I’ll be in future!

Outside of work, I also try and do a lot of different things to keep myself busy. Drumming is a hobby I’ve had since I was 10 years old. Cooking, and eating are another two of my favourite things to do, which go very well with my love of travel (yes, that does mean I choose my holidays based off what I feel like eating). My other hobbies include; inadvertently annoying my friends, talking a lot, complaining, and looking at pictures of dogs on the internet. I’m also cursed with the “typical computer science” set of interests, meaning I spend far too much time on video games and anime.


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