Victoria Owsnett

Finance Assistant

After studying Maths at Northumbria University, I took on a summer role in the accounts department of a shipping insurance company. I really enjoyed being part of the finance team and knew it was a path I wanted to explore. I briefly worked as a maths support teacher after this, but ultimately decided that accounting was a better fit for me. I returned to that same shipping insurance company and worked in their accounts department for a further three years. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the finance world and I got a lot of 'on-the-job' experience. I’m excited to learn even more here at Waterstons.

Working with numbers and data has always interested me (hence the maths degree!), so a finance role is a great fit for those interests. I also thoroughly enjoyed studying Business Studies at A-level, so I know my role at Waterstons will be a fantastic opportunity to expand on my business knowledge, as well as finance. Waterstons is a fantastic company with a great ethos, so I feel very lucky to have joined the team.

When I’m not punching numbers into a calculator or staring at an excel spreadsheet, you can often find me making music. I am the frontwoman of an electro-pop band and also used the recent lockdown as an opportunity to produce some solo music and collaborate with other musicians around the world. I like to play video games when I get the time as well, my ol’ reliables being the Fallout series, zombie games like Killing Floor and puzzle games like Portal.


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