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Prudhviraj Gonnabhaktula

Service Desk Engineer

Prudhviraj Gonnabhaktula

My role at Waterstons is...

As a service desk engineer at Waterstons, I'm the unsung hero behind our seamless technology experience. I'm the IT whisperer who solves your technical woes, the IT magician who turns problems into solutions, and the IT ambassador who bridges the gap between technology and your needs. I'm passionate about ensuring that our clients have a smooth and positive experience with our technology, and I'm always looking for new ways to improve our services. When you reach out to me with an IT issue, I'm here to help, whatever it takes. I'm committed to protecting our digital fortress, and I'll always go the extra mile to keep your data safe and secure.

My life away from work is...

Beyond the confines of the service desk, I find fulfillment in the realm of art, using pencil drawings to breathe life into portraits and forge connections with those I portray.


I’ll be with you when...

I'm the calming voice on the other end of the line when your technology goes haywire, ready to troubleshoot your problems and restore your peace of mind.