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Sally Waterston talks about our unique customer focus, why it's important to us and why that makes us different from other service providers.

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When we started the business, now over twenty years ago, we knew that we wanted to be different. We didn’t want to be an ordinary commodity supplier who would be judged on price and nothing else.

Those of us who started the business have always believed in the importance of trust. We wanted to trust our employees, our customers and our suppliers and we also wanted to be trusted by them too. We recognised that trust has to be earned; and we also realised that it is always a two way relationship in which we must demonstrate that we are prepared to make sacrifices and sometimes make ourselves vulnerable or lose money in order to demonstrate our total integrity and trustworthiness.

Because we have always tried to do this; to be fair and reasonable and to put our clients’ satisfaction ahead of our own profit, we have kept our customers over the years and many have been working with us for 5, 10 or even 15 years. They have seen us grow and we would like to believe that they have also seen that, as we have grown, we have not lost our integrity and dependability. We are not perfect; if we make mistakes we will always acknowledge them and put them right at our expense. Long term relationships are always the best for both sides, both from a financial and a technical point of view.

Over the years we have grown from three people to over eighty and we have diversified as our clients have asked us to provide additional services. We now have three complementary areas of the business; Transformation; Bespoke and Technology. We expect the same levels of professionalism and reliability from them all. If we are asked to provide services which we do not have, we will find suitable partners for our clients and we will take responsibility for the relationship and for the work carried out for our clients.

Over the years we have become specialists not just in technology but also in specific market sectors. We make it our business to understand the world through our customers’ eyes and we have expert knowledge in Education; Manufacturing; Transport (including ports and airports); Distribution; Social Housing and Construction. All of the research and work which we do in these sectors helps us to understand the priorities and imperatives for our clients. We understand the systems which are used and the problems which can occur with them; we can ensure that the technology within a company is aligned to the business strategy, so that it is not just seen as an expensive overhead. Technology can be a revenue stream for a business and it is because we understand the need for all technology to provide a return on investment that our clients trust us not to recommend inappropriate systems or to waste their money on kit which will never pay for itself.

If a client is in trouble we will never turn away. We may not be able to fix the whole problem immediately or completely but there is always something which we can do and our clients know that.

Our brilliant people and the great reputation which they have earned for us are the most precious commodities which we have. We never take either for granted and we know that we are only as good as our customers think we are. We should never forget that if we wish to remain their one trusted partner.

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