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IT solutions for market domination

How we helped a leading UK salvage provider deliver for their customers

NSG’s IT systems were struggling to keep pace with demand. They found that this was limiting their growth and hampering their performance. Communication with salvage companies and customers relied totally on post, telephone and fax. NSG wanted to introduce a seamless interface between its various systems.

NSG and Waterstons worked closely together to progressively reinvent their systems:

  • The legacy system was replaced with a new, scalable solution developed with industry standard Microsoft tools and using a Microsoft SQL database.
  • A new, more scalable accounts system was implemented and integrated with the new business system.
  • The customer, salvage company and other third party systems were integrated through a bespoke development using XML and web services.
  • Sophisticated web portals were created for customers, salvage companies and the police, showing real time information about vehicles. This was rebranded and launched under the name of NSGenius.
  • Sophisticated management reporting was developed including a number of complex reports; many others were developed by NSG.

Waterstons continue to adapt the systems to reflect changing business processes and to further enhance management reporting and analysis.

This solution has won some major awards including a Microsoft Digital Britain Award for Business Agility, and an Insurance Times Award for IT Systems.

Potential Realised

  • NSG has dramatically increased turnover since go-live and has become the market leader in its sector.
  • Not only do its systems exceed the original goals for scalability, efficiency and turnaround, NSG can offer customers sophisticated and valuable information and analysis on performance.
  • Customers have been able to eliminate their own internal salvage databases, relying instead on NSG’s portal.
  • For NSG, IT systems are a key business differentiator; not only have these benefits helped in retaining customers, new customers view this as an important factor in choosing NSG to handle their salvage.

More Information

The key benefits NSG has seen from its IT systems can be grouped into five key categories.

Productivity gains from business process automation

  • Core legacy systems were replaced with a new tailored solution, which not only fit the needs of the business better but was also better performing and more scalable.
  • New features were introduced to streamline operations and reduce keyboard data entry.
  • Incorporation of digital imaging technology dramatically cut the need for on-site assessment visits.

Enhancements to customer service and responsiveness to customer needs

  • NSG have maintained focus on surpassing customer expectations and have used continuous development of their systems to ensure performance targets are exceeded and contracts retained.
  • Through NSGenius, customers now have access to live status information about vehicles, digital photographs and even NSG’s own internal case notes.

Waterstons maintained a close relationship with our people throughout the project. Their contributions and extensive involvement undoubtedly aided the system’s success. Karen Howley, National Salvage Group

The provision of high quality management information

  • NSG have capitalised on both the quality and quantity of information within their systems to provide their customers with valuable analysis of performance.
  • Performance analysis includes statistical comparison with anonymous leading competitors, something customers find of huge value.

Reliable communications with and between key stakeholders

  • Historical dependence on telephone and paper has been dramatically cut.
  • Integration links have been built using open standards (XML and SOAP) with both customers and with salvage companies.

Reliable infrastructure and acceptable business continuity and security

  • Dependence on a single unreliable vendor was removed. New systems were developed using market leading tools and open standards, offering maximum future flexibility.
  • Key systems are now business critical. Working together, strategies have been put in place for business continuity, including load-balanced and clustered server infrastructure.
The impact of our new IT systems has been tremendous; they were instrumental in winning our biggest contract and our turnover has increased by 120%
Sandy Delgarno Chairman

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