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Value through technology: events to inspire investors

Waterstons event | Value creation

02 Feb


Thu 02 Feb 2023, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Technology is a key value creation lever to grow investment firms’ portfolios. It enables development of new business models and revenue streams, scaling up and transforming at speed, and driving innovation through data – plus much more.

Viewing technology through a simple risk mitigation lens is now a thing of the past; understanding the power of it is vital. Our people have proven the power of technology to global clients for almost three decades. Unlocking potential. Unleashing growth. Increasing value.

In our dedicated series of events, we’ll look at key areas that technology can be used to unlock value and build resilience in your portfolio throughout the entire deal lifecycle.

Ready to reimagine your investments through technology? We’re with you.

Webinar 1: Cyber assuring your investments 12/12/2022

Webinar 2: Building a resilient deal – value through technology before, during and after coming soon

Webinar 3: Generating growth through value creation – post acquisition innovation coming soon

Webinar 4: Data-driven value creation in your portfolio coming soon

Webinar 5: ESG: Where to start? coming soon

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