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Waterstons Coffee Club: Cyber Month in an Hour

The Waterstons Coffee Club is a regular opportunity for us to come together, share experiences and ask questions. These relaxed and informal sessions provide an opportunity to chat to different specialists and experts from across Waterstons.

Waterstons event | Cyber Resilience

26 Oct

Online Event

Wed 26 Oct 2022, 11am - 12pm

October is global cyber month, so our cyber team have been very busy delivering three in-person events, training sessions, quizzes and board-level briefings for our clients across all sectors.

However, as life is busy we know not everyone can make these, so we're hosting a special coffee club with an entire month's worth of content and activities in just one hour!

What's involved: > Updates on the cyber threat landscape and what the hackers are currently doing > Running through protective advice to help keep you safe > Introducing you to our exciting, interactive tabletop exercise (Udder Disaster!) which helps prepare and equip business leaders

Think of this coffee club as the TLDR* of Cyber Month, an hour packed full of free content to help inform you of the risks and stay protected.

Grab a cuppa and become cyber secure!

*Too long didn't read