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Dec 2022

Empowering Rhianne to Lead

One of the core values that we live and breathe daily is empowerment; liberating our people to make decisions, develop and grow.


Information Security Consultant

Empowering Rhianne to Lead

Taking it at face value, Information Security Consultant Rhianne has spent four months in 2022 using that value to not only empower herself, but also others through the Empowering Women to Lead Cyber Security programme.

She said: “I wanted to take part in the course to meet other women working in cyber security, and to learn more about what makes a good leader.

“I think it’s so important that women have opportunities like this as there is a gender gap in cyber security, especially in more senior roles, so this programme equips women with the skills to be able to occupy more senior roles and inspire the next generation to do the same.

“I learned a lot about leadership and grew in confidence and have more faith in my own leadership skills as a result. I’m really pleased that I took part and would recommend other women in cyber to take part too – not only has it equipped me with valuable skills, but also given me the opportunity to learn from, support and build a network of peers that I know will continue into the future.”


To find out more about Rhianne, read her profile here, or listen to our podcast DEI: Naked Conversations.