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Oct 2022

Hacking for protection

Penetration testing is a process in which an organisation’s cyber security is put to the test by ethical hackers.

Categories Cyber Resilience

While organisations may put cyber security strategies in place, it’s hard to know if every hole has been patched and every attack vector considered. This is where penetration testing comes in.

These ethical hackers are cyber security experts who are trained to employ the same tricks and techniques as a well-trained adversary.

During a penetration test, they follow strict methodologies made up of checklists and guidelines ensuring all common holes are uncovered, usually things that a normal cyber security scanner wouldn’t pick up, in a way that won’t damage the company’s infrastructure.


Why does my business need this? 

Penetration testing is an essential tool for businesses to assess the effectiveness of their security measures.

It ensures that systems can withstand attacks from sophisticated threats and, as the threat landscape evolves, penetration testing has become even more essential for businesses of all sizes and by incorporating regular penetration testing into your cyber security strategy, your business can remain protected.  


Can my current IT company complete this test? 

Not likely.

IT companies are very good at IT and while they typically follow best practice and security guidelines when building policy, process and procedure, they aren’t inherently IT security experts.

Without specific methodology and highly trained teams to perform tests, at best you’ll get automated vulnerability scans.


Our Cyber Security team was recently accredited and certified by the Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) for penetration testing services, meaning we have demonstrable quality, ethics and professionalism when it comes to this offering.

To find out more about our accreditation and penetration testing services, visit our website here.

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