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Nov 2023

A hot new partnership

We’re proud to announce we are now Wasabi Cloud Storage partners!

Categories Technology Consulting, Cloud

Head of Technology Solutions

Wasabi provides secure, high performance cloud storage at a low, fixed cost - meaning users can be confident in the service storing their backup data, but aren’t going to be surprised by fluctuating costs each month.

James, our Head of Technology Solutions, said: “Many of our clients have made use of public cloud providers to store their offsite backups, but are getting billed for different amounts monthly depending on how much cloud storage space they’ve consumed, but also any ‘API Calls’ that have taken place against their cloud storage.”

 An ‘API Call’ could be a restoration - so, if a customer needs to restore from their backups, it will cost them money. This is not only an ‘API Call’ cost, but also a data egress cost (this is where data leaves the cloud provider and is restored back to the client).

And these costs can quickly add up.

Wasabi is different; the cost is fixed. You buy a chunk of cloud storage and that’s it:

  • No ‘API Call’ costs
  • Restore as much as you like
  • Cost is fixed
  • Just pay for some storage.

This solution is great for leaders and businesses that prefer fixed pricing to support budgeting and planning. Getting a big bill can often be a shock, but there’s none of that with Wasabi.

Plus, it’s 80% cheaper than AWS and Azure.

We’re partnering with Wasabi to work alongside them and Veeam to architect a cutting edge, fixed price solution for those who want it.

If you would like support with your cloud data storage, back up or system, get in touch with the experts –