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Feb 2023

NAW2023 – Aran Baker

Aran joined Waterstons in 2021 as a Service Desk Engineer and is currently studying for a Level 6 Digital Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship.


Service Desk Engineer

  • What made you want to study an apprenticeship over another type of course?

I never saw myself as an academic person; I wanted to get on the job right away and gain that extra experience. I enjoyed working part time as a younger teen and couldn’t wait to start a full-time career – this apprenticeship allows me to gain a BSc Hons while working and gaining valuable experience with a great company.

  • How does Waterstons support your apprenticeship studies?

I attend Newcastle College to study for my degree one day a week and Waterstons gives me extra R&D days when it’s getting close to assignment deadlines. As well as that, the company is full of knowledgeable people who are always on hand to help in many aspects of my studies.

  • What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your apprenticeship?

It’s ok to break the mould. I often felt pressure to go through the traditional university route, but this apprenticeship has helped me develop skills and gain experience which wouldn’t have been available to me that way.

  • How has working at the same time as studying supported you in your job?

I’m able to use the things I learn in one to support the other immediately – whether it’s a challenge with a client that put a real-life scenario to a theory, or learning something I can immediately implement to improve a clients’ systems.

  • What are your future career plans?

I hope that from my current position I will be able to advance through the team, gaining certifications and specialising in certain areas, helping others and achieve goals to the furthest extent.

  • How does Waterstons support employee learning in general?

In so many ways! Especially in my team, we are encouraged to take certification exams or attend seminars which educate us and build our own personal portfolio.


Find out more about Aran here, or check out our careers page for the opportunities we have available.