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Dec 2022

On the ninth day of Techmas Waterstons gave to me…

Source Control

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Head of Digital Productivity & Automation

Source Control

Software developers often use a distributed source control system called Git to develop solutions without fearing that they’ll create lasting damage to the source code, meaning projects of any size can be managed efficiently and speedily.

With Git, a copy of the repository lives locally on your machine as well as in the source control system – so when you’re working, your software isn’t constantly updating, changing, or breaking.

It isn’t till you ‘push’ the changes from your local machine to the remote version of the repository that your updates are visible by others, meaning you can work without impacting other developers.

BUT in an event where your machine stops working, or another person starts working on the project, don’t panic. As long as you have pushed your changes you can simply pull them down on another machine and start off where it was left meaning no work was lost or unsaved.

So, remember – always ‘push’ before you go!


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