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Shashank Headshot
Written byShashank Patwardhan
Bespoke Software, Software Delivery & Consultancy, Cyber Resilience
Oct 2022

Five key parts of the (secure) cycle of life

Secure SDLC is defined as the process of integrating security throughout the software development lifecycle, helping you catch issues in requirements before they manifest as security problems in…

Sean Brown Headshot
Written bySean-Francis Brown
Cyber Resilience, Cyber Security Strategy
Oct 2022

Exercise your cyber security

Cyberattacks have continued to rise on three fronts; the number of attacks orchestrated, the level of sophistication demonstrated, and the impact inflicted.

picture of Max Muir
Written byMax Muir
Cyber Resilience, Cyber Security Strategy, Business Resilience
Oct 2022

Cyber Security for Critical National Infrastructure

Recent high-profile attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI), such as Colonial Pipeline in 2020 and the Irish National Health Service in 2021, have underscored the serious threats posed…

Craig Archdeacon
Written byCraig Archdeacon
Cyber Resilience
Oct 2022

Hacking for protection

Penetration testing is a process in which an organisation’s cyber security is put to the test by ethical hackers.

Simon Evans Headshot
Written bySimon Evans
Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001
Oct 2022

ISO27001 – just another box to tick?

We all know that ISO standards are important to demonstrate high standards, but when it comes to cyber security, is it really imperative, or just a ‘nice to have’? We find out how ISO27001 can…

Wayne Headshot
Written byWayne Smith
Oct 2022

Protecting critical national infrastructure through cyber resilience

Operating within the UK’s 13 critical national infrastructure (CNI) sectors comes with a tremendous…

Daniel Halliday
Written byDaniel Halliday
Sep 2022

DEI: Naked Conversations - Podcast episode three

This is the third episode of our podcast, DEI: Naked Conversations, and here Daniel, our Associate Director for Digital and Data, chats to DEI consultant Janet Houlis about his journey with the…

Paul Whillis Headshot
Written byPaul Whillis
Mergers & Acquisitions
Sep 2022

When diligence is due

From finance, legal and HR, to technology, intellectual property, strategic fit and more, all disciplines require expert review before any significant business acquisition is executed. But now,…