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Michael Stirrup
Written byMichael Stirrup
Sep 2022

DEI: Naked Conversations - Podcast episode one

In the first episode of our podcast, DEI: Naked Conversations, our CEO Michael chats with Dawn, Associate Director for People and Culture, and DEI consultant Janet Houlis about their backgrounds,…

James Noakes
Written byJames Noakes
Aug 2022

A day in the life of James Noakes

Our Senior Technology Consultant James works from our London office, supporting clients in the AEC sector with the IT service management. This means making sure they have the systems they need to…

Craig Archdeacon
Written byCraig Archdeacon
Cyber Security Strategy
Aug 2022

CREST of honour

The Waterstons cyber resilience team has added yet another internationally-recognised accreditation to their armoury of cybercrime-fighting weapons.

Andrew Blance Headshot
Written byAndrew Blance
Aug 2022

From PhD to employee

We are proud to support some of the UK’s leading universities by providing consultancy and tech services from bespoke software to change management, but our paths intertwine in more ways than…

Chris Manders Headshot
Written byChris Manders
Future of Work
Jul 2022

A day in the life of Chris Manders

Working in software operations means you get to create systems that help business work better, faster and more efficiently, but what is involved in a typical day? Senior software consultant Chris…

James Bell
Written byJames Bell
Data & Analytics
Jul 2022

What does it mean to be a data-driven organisation?

Data is everywhere. From what you look at on your phone to your favourite Netflix shows; brands are able to use it to get what you like (or they think you like) in front of your eyes.  

Kieran Fowler
Written byKieran Fowler
Cyber Resilience
Jul 2022

Interview with Cybernews: Kieran Fowler

“I would recommend everyone to move from ‘protect only’ to ‘prepare and protect’ mentalities”

Richard Hall
Written byRichard Hall
Data & Analytics, Technology Consulting
Jul 2022

Are you maximising or just manufacturing your data?

Manufacturing has remained consistent since the days of Henry Ford’s production line. That is, until the digital revolution.