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Jan 2022

12 Cyber questions to ask you and your business…

At the end of 2021 we launched the 12 days of Cybermas on our LinkedIn channel, with the aim of sharing cyber security information, and top tips and tricks to keep you safe.

But cyber tips…

Helen McMillan
Written byHelen McMillan
Data & Analytics
Jan 2022

Digital Twin technology can change how we understand our customers and the experience we give them

Every time we purchase something online, a digital trail is created. Data captured from our browsing history, our buying habits and our social media posts form a digital version of our behaviour.…

Andrew Blance Headshot
Written byAndrew Blance
Data & Analytics
Jan 2022

Why your Wordle word won’t work

Let’s look at using data to try to play the perfect game of Wordle!

Vincent Sharp
Written byVincent Sharp
Dec 2021

Is on-premise Exchange Server dead?

Over the past couple of months I have supported too many organisations with rebuilding an Exchange Server environment that has been compromised due to an unpatched vulnerability. Which has left me…

picture of Max Muir
Written byMax Muir
Cyber Security Strategy
Dec 2021

What is social media phishing and how can it affect you and your business?

With over 1.3 billion users a day, social media is becoming a favourite target for many hackers. We are often made aware of scams through email, text, and phone calls but many people are less…

Dan O'Hara
Cloud, Technology Consulting
Sep 2021

We’re spending $300 BILLION on cloud in 2021, is that money well spent?

Originally published in the London Business Matters magazine (LCCI). Read our recent column on getting the most out of Cloud...

Helen Fawcett Headshot
Written byHelen Fawcett
Cloud, Business Consulting
Sep 2021

Destination: Cloud

Are you looking to pursue a datacentre zero option?

Michael Kocharians
Cyber Resilience
Aug 2021

All is fair in Love, War and Anti-Virus Evasion

Are Anti-Virus Solutions all you need to secure your business from threats?