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Digital Productivity

Sep 2023

Enhancing collaboration and streamlining ITSM Tools

We’ve been proud to work with Evergreen Garden Care, the leading garden care company outside North America, since 2017, providing solutions to help them grow and be supported 24/7.

FreshService Consultant

Recently, the team worked with Evergreen to help them utilise their IT Service Management (ITSM) tool to enable a high-quality IT service, where Evergreen and Waterstons could seamlessly collaborate and provide the best customer experience for users.

The problem that needed solving

Evergreen has a vast IT estate across the globe, and Waterstons fits in as a trusted partner to support them. While both Evergreen and Waterstons were using Freshservice it was not an easy escalation process between the two of the systems. This made it difficult to pass information and tickets between the two sites, making collaboration and knowledge sharing non-optimal.

Moreover, Evergreen’s Freshservice instance allowed many agents to edit configurations without any change process, leading to conflicting processes and negative impact on the user experience.

We needed to work alongside the Evergreen team to create a convenient and effective way to respond to requests on both sides efficiently, while aligning ITIL standards within their current processes.

How we solved it

With Freshservice’s good reputation, usable interface, and powerful freedom to integrate with other services, it was decided to continue its use and merge the two instances together. This meant their existing system needed to be evaluated, scoped and implemented into the new one. During the transition, it was important to consider the future of the system and where it could go next.

After piecing together what had been done historically, identifying requirements, and workshopping new ideas, it was vital to build a strong relationship with Evergreen. Both parties established trust in both the expertise and decision making of each other, making the transition to Waterstons’ Freshservice instance a seamless one.

As a dynamic project from start to finish, the trusted partnership meant we were able to work through unforeseen obstacles out of anyone’s control, make informed decisions together, and ultimately transition an international company’s ITSM tool without disruption.

What did this mean for Evergreen?

Once implemented, Evergreen benefitted from an established ITIL-aligned tool with streamlined incident, change and asset management, workflow automations, a revamped support portal, and an infinite number of opportunities for the future.

With our expertise, Evergreen can now work with Waterstons’ capabilities to integrate automation processes within Freshservice and ultimately provide a more efficient, user-friendly experience as part of their service.

What the client said

“Joanna did a great job throughout and always gave the feeling of everything being calm and under control - whether that was the case in the background I’m not sure, but it always seemed that way to me.

“Implementation went very smoothly with minimum fuss, even with the last-minute change of go-live from our side. All requirements were captured and delivered, going live on time and with a new, cleaner interface without the quirks of the previous iteration. Now, our users have a much better experience.

“Thank you for all your hard work and making it a relatively stress-free experience from the customer side.”

Mark Payne, Service Delivery Manager at Evergreen