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Aug 2018

Global Automation Drives Efficiency

As a rapidly growing and dynamic organisation, Cundall is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and increase the quality of their people experience.

One area identified as having this potential were the new starter and leaver processes. Being reliant on manual input from both HR and IT, it was time consuming, laborious and carried the risk of numerous man-made errors being made.

Cundall recognised the benefit of streamlining these processes – dramatically improving accuracy, freeing up their teams to work on value-adding tasks, and providing a more seamless experience for new starters, leavers and internal people.

The solution

To remove the manual requirement for Cundall’s IT team to add or remove users from many individual systems including Office 365, Skype and Newforma, Waterstons designed and delivered an automated solution using Microsoft System Center Orchestrator. The entire solution was designed to work for users across 22 international offices in a highly configurable way to accommodate Cundall’s future growth.

HR continue to input data into the new system using a familiar process, but can now easily track progress of requests and schedule leaver processing at predetermined times. If any issues arise, they are automatically reported; allowing swift investigation and resolution. The portal keeps office managers and super users informed about new starters, as well as requesting relevant equipment from the IT team, thereby reducing the need for additional correspondence

The results Based on staff numbers from the previous year, figures suggest that annually Cundall will save as many as 300 hours of IT time alone. Subsequently, they greatly benefited from increased efficiency, a marked reduction in errors and a smoother service for new starters entering into their business, therefore enabling their IT staff to focus on higher value work and continuous improvements.