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Jun 2023

Supporting Women in Tech

We are proud to support organisations in our communities - both local and professional - so it was a pleasure to welcome the Women in Tech network to our Durham office for the June meetup. 


Sector Principal - Education

In the UK, women make up around 50% of the workforce, yet in tech that number is half with only 24% of roles filled by women. 

At Waterstons, just under 20% of our team is female, and while we're close to the average, we know there's work to do. Leaning on our values of putting people first, collaboration and empowerment, we're keen to not only close the gap on the national average, but work with organisations to improve it. 

Women in Tech North East is a community of over 900 individuals who support women and non-binary people across the tech industry throughout the North East. 

Set up by a group of volunteers who took unusual paths into tech careers, it provides the space and support that leaders missed in years gone by, offering valuable insight for new starters, all the way up to senior leaders from all walks of life. 

Focusing on getting people together, those from all walks of life are encouraged to make connections in a friendly, supportive and non-threatening environment.   

June 2023 meetup

It was a pleasure to welcome over 50 women from across the tech community to our offices in June for an opportunity to chat, network, catch up and hear inspiring career stories - some not what you'd expect!

Thank you to speakers Julie Swinbank of Waterstons, Allaida Siow of the Durham University Women in Technology society, and Jayne Routledge - powerhouse of technology expertise (and horse owner).

Our appreciation also extends to the Women in Tech organisers and hosts Elena Gorman, Rachel Pattinson, Kathryn Wharton and Jennifer Wood

And absolutely not forgetting the wonderful Fauhan at Brownie Bakes and Desserts for the incredible cupcakes, brownies and blondies which were very well-received!  

What our team had to say

"This was a brilliant event; the speakers were fantastic and really relatable in their approach to working in a male-dominated industry, without being negative.

"I could have spent five hours speaking to every single person in the room to hear about their career stories as they were all so incredible. It was great to see everyone from new graduates to experienced women come together to support each other and share so much energy and experience. Great atmosphere, fantastic environment, and brilliant cakes."

- Shannon Smith


"I loved the atmosphere of the event! I find networking daunting, but this was a really approachable group. The speakers had such enthusiasm and the conversational style with Jayne made everyone feel part of it and engaged. 

"I left feeling truly inspired!"

- Becky Tucker 


"When the North East Women in Tech group emerged last year, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of and to support.

"Member Sue Black is 100% my inspiration for and passion behind increasing diversity in tech, after working with her to create the initial TechUP program at Durham University. This week I met so many inspiring women, together we are on a journey and I’m really excited for the future!"

- Julie Swinbank


"One of the main things I took away from it was the importance of WiT being really visible to help address the balance. Even the simple comment of why there was a photographer there – to increase the number of photos online to help address that balance/paint that picture/show younger generations that we are here and you can join us."

- Marni Mather


"I met some amazing people at the Women in Tech event - inspiring people with a huge range to bring to the session; from the early years of their careers to people who have an established track record with a plethora of amazing stories."

- Clair Hillier


A lady with dark hair smiling, a pink women in tech logo, a blonde lady smiling

A selection of event images showing women chatting and smiling

A selection of event images showing women chatting and smiling

A selection of event images showing women chatting and smiling

A selection of event images showing women chatting and smiling

A selection of event images showing women chatting and smiling

A selection of event images showing women chatting and smiling

To find out more about the network, contact Elena Gorman or check out the group on LinkedIn