Alison Dent

Head of Marketing


I’ve always wanted to be that person who skips into work every morning loving their job but I never thought it would actually happen! The creativity, passion and enthusiasm our people have for what they do never ceases to amaze me, it really is infectious!

My background is purely professional services marketing and in the past (far too many years to count) I’ve worked in some pretty high profile accountancy and legal practices in the North of England. IT Business Consultancy was definitely a new challenge. Unlike my colleagues, I don’t have a technical background, I didn’t enjoy dismantling and re-engineering things as a child and I’ve no interest in how things work, as long as they do. In fact some might say technology passed me by!

But do you know what? In some ways that’s a really good thing - my ability to ask some really basic questions and my constant questioning of ‘so what does that mean for our customers?’ really helps our people to focus not just on the ‘how’ but also on the ‘why’. It’s perhaps not so great for our wonderful helpdesk though, who I can testify are the most patient people on the planet!

As Head of Marketing I’m involved in all areas of our marketing activity whether that’s PR, events, seminars and knowledge share sessions, or looking after our online presence, no two days are ever the same. I’m also on a mission to get to know our customers better and really keen to get your feedback on our people and services.

When I’m not busy marketing our people I like to spend time at home with my husband, two young children and very energetic Springer Spaniel. I don’t have time for any hobbies of my own as spare time is spent ferrying children to after school activities or taking a dog on a long walk.

However, I do have a secret addiction…... TV property shows. I watch them all and all the repeats. Ssshhh – promise you won’t tell?


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