Andrew Quinn

Executive Technology Consultant

I’m the kind of person who needs to understand how things fit together. Having never studied either software or electronics before I decided to do an MEng in Computer Systems Engineering at Newcastle (a four year degree that was essentially the illegitimate offspring of electronic engineering and computing science). Nobody I knew could explain how passing an electrical current through an oddly shaped lump of copper & silicon could result in the wonders of modern technology, and I wanted to know.

Four years later I had learned two things: how a computer works from the molecular level up and, more importantly, why nobody wants to know!


I joined Waterstons in 2007 as part of the managed services team, supporting a wide variety of businesses. It was here that I discovered having a Northern Irish accent was both a blessing and a curse, as some of our customers would phone our service desk just to hear my voice!

I still work closely with the managed services team, but my current role finds me in our infrastructure technology team. Whilst I have specialist knowledge in a number of areas, I’m always eager to learn new things. I enjoy the challenge of leveraging technology to find creative solutions to business problems, so the more knowledge I can accumulate, the better. I usually find myself in the role of an infrastructure or solutions architect – often with a focus on messaging, directory systems, cloud technologies, identity management, or security.

I love the ethos at Waterstons. There is no such thing as 'good enough' here. Everyone is constantly pushing themselves to be better and better.

Outside Work

I’m a member of Cornerstone Church Newcastle, which takes up a lot of my time outside work. On the rare occasion that the weather is good, and I’m not busy, I can be found throwing myself out of a moving aircraft 13,000 feet above Peterlee.


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