Andrew Quinn

Technical Strategy Lead

I’m the kind of person who needs to understand how things fit together. Having never studied either software or electronics before I decided to do an MEng in Computer Systems Engineering at Newcastle. Nobody I knew could explain how passing an electrical current through an oddly shaped lump of copper & silicon could result in the wonders of modern technology, and I wanted to know.

Four years later I had learned two things: how a computer works from the molecular level up and, more importantly, why nobody wants to know!


I joined Waterstons in 2007 as part of the managed services team, supporting a wide variety of businesses both onsite and remotely. I enjoy the challenge of leveraging technology to find creative solutions to business problems and as time progressed I found myself doing more infrastructure design and deployment work, and eventually found myself as a solutions architect in the technology solutions team.

Fast forward a decade or so and some might say I’ve come full-circle as I find myself re-joining managed services as the technical strategy lead – except instead of a handful of people in a single office our technology teams are now well over a hundred people across two continents!

In some ways it’s a merging of my previous roles – instead of finding ways to improve our customers’ businesses by applying technology directly to them, I’m using those skills to build and improve our services so our burgeoning army of talented people can go and add value to our customers.

Outside Work

I’m pretty sure all anybody remembers from this bio is “Skydiving”, but truth be told the arrival of two young children means there’s no time for that anymore. My more sedate hobby these days is creating technology-related videos that aim to be informative, and hopefully not too boring. You'll find them on YouTube at

Between that, kids, and church, I don’t have a lot of free time; but I can usually be persuaded to do a bit of climbing when the country isn’t in lock-down.


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