Christopher Grosberg

Lead Specialist Communications and Collaboration

Why I like to get up in the morning

Working at Waterstons has given me the chance to try out and experience many different areas of technology, some of which I’ve really enjoyed and some I’d rather leave to people who enjoy them more than me. Of all the areas I’ve worked in I find working around content management and collaborative technologies the most interesting and I see the correct adoption of this class of technologies one of the challenges modern businesses face. Simply firing and forgetting rarely works and there is a lot of potential to improve the business if done correctly.

As a result of my interest in content management and collaborative technologies I have worked on a number of SharePoint projects and I’m always happy for someone to pick my brain about it. I have also worked on a number of other exciting projects ranging from real-time critical SQL replication through to customisable customer portals using cutting edge technology and methodology.

When not in the office

However, I’m not all business and even when I am I would like to think that I make people’s day that little bit more interesting. When not in the office you may find me attempting to hone my (presently very amateur) photography skills, or you may find me practising my Russian with the help of my incredibly patient better half. On a Friday night you won’t find me in the club, but you may find me in a pub drinking real ale. When I’m not pretending how cool and alternative I am, you could find me at the nearest airport plane-spotting and looking forward to someday getting a private pilot’s licence.

Things I could help with:

  • Implementing or customising SharePoint
  • Reviewing and helping implement a content management strategy
  • Helping maximise the benefit of collaborative technologies in your workspace
  • Telling you the differences between an Airbus and Boeing
  • Ordering vodka in a Russian bar

Things I probably couldn’t help with:

  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of Premier League Football teams
  • Helping you decide who was the better captain of the USS Enterprise
  • Being the official photographer for your sister’s wedding
  • Deciding if your dish needs more oregano


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