Daniel Halliday

Head of Software

I joined the Waterstons team in 2007 as a software developer and since moved into a management and consulting role, which I really enjoy. Leading a team of creative and talented people is really exciting. We focus on finding great solutions for our clients' problems and constantly refine our approach delivery to make sure our quality is high and we get there on time. The great team I serve make this easier than it sounds! I've overseen a wide variety of complex software projects to deliver everything from solutions for insurance case management, to systems for managing provision within higher education to project managing this website! I have broad experience but specialise too, so I'm the man to speak to about education, research and local government.

What I'm good at

I make sure that our people are supported in all that they do and have an environment where they can grow and become the very best that they can be. I love innovation and ensure that the right resources are available to our people to find new ways to improve our clients’ businesses. I also manage projects and ensure we get the right results by the right time. I specialise in agile delivery approaches and I’m always keen to learn from projects and refining our approach, whilst also helping clients with theirs. Understanding different methods lets us make sure we work effectively with our clients, who all have different environments for completing projects. My technical background helps here too, allowing me to understand detail, get involved in design, and challenge assumptions.

My Passions

In my experience, the most important factor in project success are the people involved. I love working with people who want to deliver fantastic solutions and are enthusiastic about what a project can achieve. From this has grown my passion for agile approaches to delivery, which allow people to see the results of a project early and often, and to spark discussion about the best route to success. All of this leaves me rather exhausted, but thankfully I can unwind with a book (too much sci-fi) before perking up again with some great coffee; I like mine made with shade grown Nicaraguan beans through a V60 pour-over, which I will happily talk to you about whilst making you a cup!


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