James Alderson

Southern Regional Head

I have a vague memory of a young James Alderson, dismantling anything and everything that he came into contact with. I’m pretty sure I had the hope of putting things back together again, but more often than not (as my parents will confirm) that was just a pipe dream. That said, the experience of pulling things apart to work out what was going on inside and desperately, often in a state of panic, working out how to put them together again gave me an excellent grounding to work out how things actually fit together in the first place.

For my first job, I worked as a waiter in a cocktail bar coffee shop, and that provided excellent exposure to a whole range of people; many happy, some not. This helped me develop a clear understanding of what excellent customer service meant, and how to do a really good job of communicating with people.

I joined Waterstons in 2007, and went to work ‘on-site’ with a food manufacturing client where it was great to see how everything fitted together to support the manufacturing process and ultimately influence the end product. Since then I’ve had many different roles within the business, which has allowed me to learn countless new skills, see and experience many things. I’ve worked on projects to deploy multi-site Voice over IP telephony and complex Virtual Infrastructures in the Energy sector, helped optimise wide area networks for multi-national construction companies and managed the IT for large multi-national manufacturing and services companies.

Today I use all this experience to provide strategic consultancy as part of Waterstons Transformation team and I have been involved in IT Strategies, large outsourcing contracts and IT Service management and optimisation – all aimed at making our customers lives easier, saving them money, helping them grow or do “their thing” faster or in a better way.

In 2011 I moved to London to help run the Waterstons London office. London, whether you love it or hate it, certainly provides some amazing experiences, both in personal life and at work. Doing business in London is very different than in the North. Mostly it’s much faster paced and less personal, putting all my customer service and communication skills to the test. Despite the pace of life, the Waterstons values, approach and “northern charm” really set us aside from our competitors and our Southern office keeps going from strength to strength.


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