Keira Hall

Technology Consultant

I took ICT at GCSE, and this is where my passion for technology started. The submission for my GCSE was an e-portfolio, ultimately an offline website which was submitted. I learnt all about HTML and CSS, my love of IT was further fuelled by working in a hairdresser’s. I developed a website which consisted of a home page, a price list, and a gallery of the stylist work, this proved as an effective marketing tool because the business started to boom. I was amazed that a website could have such an impact on a business, this made me very proud and excited, because I knew that that was just the beginning.

I joined Waterstons in the Summer of 2017, as a placement student, after finishing my second year of Northumbria university. I found out about Waterstons at a University careers event, where I was invited to an Applicant day – I was fortunate enough to win best candidate, this fired my interest into the company and made me eager to get the most out of the opportunity I had with Waterstons. I decided to take a year out of university because I wanted to gain an insight into the real world of working – especially how technology impacted lives. I am extremely interested in automation, and how the use of computer systems can improve productivity and accuracy. I am working towards the Service Desk and Incident Manager certification, and I am looking forward to expanding my technical knowledge whilst working as an Incident Manager within the Support Team.

I am a little obsessed with shopping, clothes and shoes especially. You will find me with the same top in every colour that it’s sold in – silly I know! I think my years working in retail turned me into a shopaholic. I’m forever coming home with something new, and it’s even worse when I’ve only popped out to do the food shopping!


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