Keira Hall

Senior Technology Consultant

I started with Waterstons back in Spring 2017 which was a little bit of a change for me, I was working in the retail sector before, but I was delighted to be offered a role initially in our Managed Service department. I have since moved into our Technology Projects team, but I’ve got so much energy and I really struggle to stay still so as you’re reading this I’m probably off onto my next venture!

University to me is probably one of my greatest achievements so far, I graduated with a first-class honours degree in Information Technology Management for Business. My graduation day was so special as I had my family around me, I was the first one in my family to have gone to university! My Grandad was so proud.

My final year project was all about Waterstons, and how we share knowledge, and more specifically how we identify who has what skills in the organisation, it blew my mind at the skills that we hold as an organisation, I mean my best skill is I could talk for Britain but that may not be a skill we record….

I’ve been lucky enough to travel around with Waterstons quite a lot so far in my career, I was asked to work on a Windows 10 migration program in London, and at the time this was a big challenge for me, but the boots fit so off I went, I loved the challenge and meeting new people. I love vising new places, and finding new shops to go and spend all my pennies in. That’s why you’ll often find I bring a very large suitcase, and it often includes a spare teabag and 2 sugars in the back pocket just to keep me going!

I have also had the opportunity to travel to a few different places with my boyfriend Joe, most recently Thailand, we flew into Bangkok and spent a few days in the big city, we travelled to Phucket to see Phi Phi islands, Maya Bay, you know from the film.. we ate like kings for the whole three weeks we were away, and I even managed to find something on the menu I liked. I’m so fussy, you will often find me asking for the children’s menu in the hotel or restaurant. The holidays are now very short lived as we have a puppy, a black Labrador called Winston and a mortgage to pay, so it’s now not so glamourous, or as quiet, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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