Marcus Perera

Senior Technology Consultant

I've always had a penchant for anything technology related. Everything about it fascinated me, from the ‘how it all works’, to the ‘why we need it’. That being said, I found myself working for the family business when I finished school, and for three years afterward. One day, I decided to return to study to pursue and learn more about my passion for IT.

My work journey

I studied at TAFE in 2018 and obtained a Cert IV and Diploma in IT Networking. From here, I secured my first role in my chosen field, working for a warehouse and logistics company in 2019, which was a high-pressure role as I was the first point of contact for any and all problems faced in the business' technological realm. I dealt with minor user "turn it off and back on again" problems all the way up to SQL scripting, creating and modifying complex reports and managing the entire IT environment.

This gave me not only a range of experience with hardwire issues but also a crash-course in the "people-side" of IT, learning how to communicate and manage other staff.

My next step came with a job opportunity at Waterstons, which, after researching the company and their values, aligned with the type of environment I wanted to work in. From my initial research, the company looked like they genuinely cared about their employees, plus the fact they were branching out to Sydney while being a primarily UK based company was all fascinating to me.

I started working for Waterstons in March of 2020 in my current role and couldn't be happier to know that my initial investigations were correct. I truly value the employee care and culture here and love my role.

Looking to the future I hope to continue to build on my skills to help my role and advance to others within the sector, I am currently exploring programming skills in C#, VBScript, HTML, CSS, Javascript and enjoying various related learnings.

Outside of work

I think I am quite an affable person; I enjoy being a part of my community and assisting where possible which is why I volunteer for a charity called the Generous & Grateful, which procures and provides items such as fridges, beds, TVs, and washing machines to the less fortunate. I offer my services as an electrical tester and tagger as well as a general warehouse hand to give back and support those in need.

I'm also big into cars, and spend my time searching the market for the golden model that I will one day restore. If you hear of any great projects in this realm, pop by my desk for a chat or drop me an email, I'm always down to share tips with a fellow revhead!


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