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Waterstons Housing Hour - Tech for Good: Making better use of Microsoft 365

This three part series will help you utilise technology in the constantly shifting landscape of social housing.

30 Jan

Online Free Event

Tue 30 Jan 2024, 11am - 12pm

In the first of our series, our Digital Productivity and Automation experts we will be covering how organisations can better leverage what they already have available to them within the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, with a focus on driving VfM from licensing. Our team will then guide you through best practise approach and 'what good looks like' when it comes to SharePoint architecture, before discussing the 'art of the possible' when it comes to utilise other applications within Microsoft 365, through our scenario based 'day in the life of a ...' using apps such as Power Automate and more!

This will be the first of two Microsoft 365 sessions, with a follow up likely in April or May where we will delve further in to the full ecosystem, and discuss the use of AI the role it can play with things such as Customer Voice and Copilot