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What to do in a cyber attack

CrowdStrike and Waterstons share lessons from the cyber front line in the HE sector

Waterstons event | Cyber Resilience

11 May

Webinar event


Wed 11 May 2022, 11am - 12pm

Within higher education, cyber-attacks are causing disruption on an unprecedented scale, with stats showing 88% of HE institutions negatively impacted by a cyber-attack last year.

It’s no surprise that in response to this evolving threat, cyber is now the number one investment in ICT budgets within the sector.

So the question is: How can we turn this trend around and maximise the growing HE investment in cyber, enabling HE institutions to survive a cyber-attack and thrive in an online world?

In this webinar CrowdStrike, a global leader in cyber incident response and technical defence, alongside Waterstons will provide you with insights from the front line.

In our view, innovation is the best form of defence, adopting a cyber resilience posture which starts with getting the basics right then allowing you to prepare for, and survive, a cyber-attack.

In this webinar you will receive:

  • Insights from Crowdstrike on the cyber trends in HE
  • An overview from Waterstons on how to establish a cyber-first posture
  • Practical advice on how to protect your institution
  • An opportunity to ask questions from cyber experts with real-world experience