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Jul 2023

Enter Entra

As technology experts, we’re used to things going bump in the night, but last night we slept soundly as Microsoft made more additions to the services under ‘Entra’ moniker, and introduced a new ‘Global Secure Access’ product in review.

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Here’s everything you need to know, and what it means for you, your team and your security.


Get used to a new look

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll notice several updates in product names such as anything branded ‘Azure AD’ changing to ‘Microsoft Entra ID’, as well as the ‘look and feel’ of the portal.

Rest assured, the functionality of the service will not change, and we should expect both names to be used interchangeably for a while to avoid confusion, but we’ll keep clarifying clarify name changes to customers where Azure AD licenses are involved (e.g. Microsoft Entra ID P2 - formerly AAD P2).

Don’t worry, all features and capabilities of Azure AD are still available in the product, with licensing, terms, service level agreements, product certifications and support remaining the same.

The new names will start appearing from August 2023 onwards as below:

Two columns of product names demonstrating the changes to take place from August 2023


Updated security access

The new secure access suite of tools - Entra Private Access and Entra Internet Access - provide an opportunity to revolutionise how access to your business systems and data is granted and managed.

These can potentially replace VPNs and streamline networks meaning a reduced need for traditional internal firewalls with published applications, whilst simultaneously consolidating and simplifying security controls. Imagine having a single gateway through which your users accessed everything, regardless of whether they were in the office or elsewhere, and regardless of whether your data is in the office or in the cloud?

You would only have one set of security controls to maintain, and your users would have a consistent experience across the board.

This might also replace other products that you already use such as Cisco Umbrella, Zscaler, or Forcepoint but of course we recommend thoroughly reviewing against your own requirements first.

If you have Entra ID Premium P1 (previously Azure AD Premium P1) licensing (included in M365 Enterprise licences, as well as Enterprise Mobility + Security licences) then you can access the preview, but Microsoft do caveat this by saying that different licences might be required once it is out of preview – caveat empor!


Improved functionality to support Zero Trust

Microsoft Entra isn’t just a rebrand of Azure AD and the secure access tools; it also includes verified ID, permissions management, workload ID, governance and more. Microsoft is building a one-stop-shop for all identity management and security requirements, from supporting your joiners-movers-leavers process, through to providing identity assurance across organisations.

The goal of access governance is to know who has access to what systems, and what data, at the right time, in line with your regulatory or business requirements. The new features promise to help further automate identity and governance management to reduce manual work, and enable the systems to be accessed from anywhere, in the cloud or on-prem.

This is all built on the principles of Zero Trust in a way that enables organisations to fully modernise security practices without compromising business operations.


Confused about the changes? Want to use these changes to start, support or understand more about your Zero Trust journey? We’re here to help. Get in touch with the team at