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Mar 2023

IWD - Clair Hillier

Clair Hillier, Head of Digital Delivery Management*.      


Head of Digital Delivery Management

As part of International Women’s Day 2023, we’re sharing insights from our team about their experiences, their role models and their goals for inspiring others as, or about, women in tech and business.


What advice would you give to the next generation of women starting their careers?

Work hard and choose your workplace wisely; work is where you spend most of your day, on par with sleep. It’s a massive part of your life, so accept nothing less than utter fairness and respect from your place of work.  


If you’ve faced challenges, what were they and how have you overcome them?

I feel humbled to say that I’ve never had any challenges related to being a woman. I know that this isn’t the case for everyone, and it saddens me. All of my roles have been in organisations that champion people on their abilities rather than their gender; every place I’ve worked has had remarkable women in amazing positions who I could look to, learn from and be inspired. I consider myself truly lucky.


What did you never expect about being a woman in tech?

I never thought that I would feel a responsibility to show other girls or women starting in the industry that it can be amazing if they take it on; but I do. I feel a huge responsibility to show them what is out there which is why I do the university and school engagements that I do.


Find out more about Clair here, or here.


*herder of cats


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