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Mar 2022

Ready to automate?

In an ever-more digital world, the need for automation has never been stronger. Companies across all sectors are looking at how they can automate systems and processes to focus human skills where they are most needed.

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Software Consultant

At Waterstons, we have a dedicated team ready to support this automation strategy and implementation for any business.

We talked to Software Consultant Theo about his role, how he got there, and why he loves working in automation.

What is automation?

Understanding and mapping out a manual process before employing the use of technology to transform it into a task that is solely run by computers, removing the need for any human action in relation to the task.

What three key skills do you need to succeed?

  1. Problem solving
  2. Understanding IT infrastructure and how it works
  3. A passion for scripting and logical programming

How would you explain your role to your grandma?

I help out companies by automating the technical side of complex business processes (like new people joining a company), as well as developing new software for clients.

What would you say to someone thinking about working in automation at Waterstons?

Do it! The team is so friendly and really clever; there are a lot of very passionate people all with the common goal of making the lives of our clients easier through ITSM Automation and all our other services.

Tell us more…

“I joined Waterstons in September 2019 as a technology consultant based onsite with a client. I’ve always loved tech and problem solving so this role was a brilliant opportunity to give me an insight into not only how tech is important in a business, but also how it’s used. And I quickly learned how to deal with panicky users!

“Unknown to many, having strong communication skills to help calm and reassure users, understand the issue, then find and implement the solution are hugely vital to the success of anyone in IT support.

“I joined the software operations and automation team after a project I worked on in house delivered positive results. I loved working on the project and wanted to explore it further to ultimately spread the initiative throughout the company.

“Now my role consists of using my problem-solving skills to address issues found in software, helping customers automate their operations and ultimately maturing what we can offer.

“I face so many new and interesting challenges every day which definitely keeps me on my toes, but I love the fact that I’m always learning and developing. Because of that, I’m part of actively shaping what automation is, and what we offer, setting our best practices and delivering work for clients at a high standard.

“I’ve already learned so much above and beyond the actual software element, such as how to understand a business in order to scope out then implement the work. It doesn’t matter if you build the best software ever, or automate a company’s entire process – if that’s not what they want or need, we’ve failed.

“Waterstons is a place where you can continually grow and I’m looking forward to taking on more tasks and responsibility, as well as boosting our automation services, as part of that journey.”

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