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Apr 2023

Waterstons in the wilderness

Our commitment has always been to forge lasting bonds; to create a legacy that lasts and has an impact on the future, not only for ourselves but our clients, community and the planet.


To celebrate 20 years of working with the team at Navigator Terminals, we spent the day with Forest of Hearts, a non-profit CIC which creates ‘gardens for good’ to improve wellbeing, boost biodiversity and enhance employability.

A team from Navigator and Waterstons planted over 300 Hawthorn trees at the charity’s Stratford-upon-Avon nature reserve, which will complete the hedgerow along the outer edge of their Field of Life. When matured, this will make an attractive native hedge and a rich habitat for all kinds of wildlife.


The charity has a 30-year management plan which is adapted and flexed where needed. The planting on the main five-acre site is part of a local authority action for biodiversity; protecting native species and helping them to thrive.

The team also constructed and planted living wall planters to be installed in the garden being created at Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital. This garden is one of many that Forest of Hearts has created in various hospitals over the past five years to support emotional and mental wellbeing for patients, staff and visitors, providing an attractive and calming place for rest. 

While hard work, it was incredible to be able to support the charity, be outside, build on our already strong relationship, and do something that will truly making a lasting difference long into the future. Plus, we definitely earned the excellent farm shop lunch from all the digging, and laughing!

We look forward to returning.