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Jan 2023

We’ve been flexified!

Since we launched in April 1994, flexible working has been a top priority.


Proud to be flexified

In the past 29 years, we’ve seen many other businesses follow in our true flexible working approach, many prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on working practices.

In 1994, flexible working, work from home – or work from anywhere – was unheard of, and our founders were even warned against it as a business practice.

Well, we’ve shown them.

This week, we are proud to have been listed in the Flexa Careers Top 100 Most Flexible Companies 2023.

Companies are measured on metrics such as work from anywhere, office-based days, flexi hours and more, with Flexa anonymously surveying our entire UK to find that:

  • 93% of our people love our location
  • 88% think the hours are great
  • 90% enjoy the autonomy they’re given
  • And 88% know that flexible working is park of our culture.

“The flexibility and autonomy at Waterstons is an absolute joy. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. We have the context we need to make the best possible decisions for our customers.”

Waterstons employee


Find out more about the Flexa results here.

If flexible working appeals to you, we’d love you to join our team! Check out our careers page here, or get in touch with Talent Partner Ami-Jo.