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Alex Waterston
Written by Alex Waterston
Business Consulting, Data & Analytics
May 2021

Customer Journey Mapping – The Student Journey

Improving the Student Experience using customer journey mapping and service design

Clair Hillier
Written by Clair Hillier
Bespoke Software, Software Operations & Support
May 2021

5 reasons to consider a hybrid software development team for your next project

In house development team? v’s outsourced? Why not benefit from the best of both...

Mike Pemberton
Written by Mike Pemberton
Infrastructure, Technology Consulting
May 2021

3 common home WiFi issues and how to solve them

Conference calls dropping out. Sloooow speeds. Poor WiFi range... Sound familiar?

Leanne Cullen
Written by Leanne Cullen
Bespoke Software
May 2021

Bespoke development is risky but adds great value

Bespoke software development projects can be precarious to undertake, but they can arm organisations with agility and better visibility.

Hussein Ali
Written by Hussein Ali
May 2021

How has the pandemic helped us to become more resilient?

It's fair to say 2020 and 2021 have had a substantial influence on most people. As Covid 19 took hold globally, restrictions on everyday life started to impact both physical and mental health. As…

Nigel Robson
Written by Nigel Robson
Technology Consulting, Infrastructure, Business Resilience
May 2021

Air Gap

Putting space between you and the cyber criminals.

The recent statistics from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on cybercrime make for grim reading but there are steps that you can…

Vincent Sharp
Written by Vincent Sharp
Technology Consulting, Business Resilience
May 2021

MOT Your IT Services

An audit can help de-mystify IT to business stakeholders and ensure that it continues to add value to your organisation and minimise business risk. Vince Sharp describes our approach to an…

Steve Williams
Written by Steve Williams
Mergers & Acquisitions
May 2021

Deal done - what now for technology and systems?

Steve Williams, our head of Mergers and Acquisitions, takes a look at what happens after deal completion. New owners naturally want to consolidate everything into a single system, a single…