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Adam Lisik Headshot
Written byAdam Lisik
Managed Services, Technology Consulting
Jul 2021

Automation, Service Desk and Zero Touch resolutions

Automation and Zero Touch resolutions are big buzz words. But what do they mean? Why would you do it? And is it even possible?

James Alderson Headshot
Written byJames Alderson
Managed Services, Technology Consulting
Jul 2021

‘Better the Devil you know?’ – the Managed Services myth

James Alderson explains why you should consider the value you receive from your IT partner and the steps to take if you are any less than thrilled.

Nigel Robson
Written byNigel Robson
Technology Consulting, Business Resilience
Jun 2021

The Power of the PoC

So you’ve designed your shiny new IT strategy that has strategically aligned your IT to the business and contained within is possibly a list of technological solutions carefully selected to help…

Daniel Halliday
Written byDaniel Halliday
Digital Mindset, Bespoke Software, Business Consulting, Software Delivery & Consultancy
Jun 2021

Get Started with a Digital Platform Strategy to Stay Ahead

Too often, when you hear talk about digital transformation, there is an implied single epic exercise involved. One huge endeavour which will see your business aligned with a new digital future but…

Paul Whillis Headshot
Written byPaul Whillis
Mergers & Acquisitions
May 2021

Ask the Expert: Four reasons you need to care about technology in the Mergers & Acquisition process

In an 'Ask The Expert' piece for Insider Magazine, Waterstons M&A experts offer their advice on technology in the Mergers and Acquisition process

Helen McMillan
Written byHelen McMillan
Managed Security, Business Consulting, Cyber Resilience
May 2021

Customer Resilience – an outside-in perspective?

How taking a look at your business from a different perspective can pay dividends when dealing with the unexpected.

Alex Waterston
Written byAlex Waterston
Business Consulting, Data & Analytics
May 2021

Customer Journey Mapping – The Student Journey

Improving the Student Experience using customer journey mapping and service design

Clair Hillier
Written byClair Hillier
Bespoke Software, Software Operations & Support
May 2021

5 reasons to consider a hybrid software development team for your next project

In house development team? v’s outsourced? Why not benefit from the best of both...