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Dec 2023

Waterstons x Microsoft – Going from AI-anxiety to real business benefit

While businesses and employees are excited to adopt AI, there are significant challenges. You may feel pressure to adopt emerging technology but be unsure where it can be applied, what capabilities are available and crucially, how to use AI to create real opportunities within your organisation.


We have partnered with Microsoft to deliver workshops that help you understand how you can apply AI to real-world applications for it to improve productivity and output, in turn enabling you to:

  • Answers the questions your board has about AI
  • Identify tools that will help increase quality and improve your bottom line
  • Design, plan and pitch achievable innovation projects.

We want to help organisations overcome their challenges by demonstrating the art of the possible with AI, enabling them to link the potential of these new tools with real-world challenges, and by filtering and shaping these concepts into short and sharp value propositions.

Why this workshop?

Designed specifically to demonstrate how AI can deliver business value, senior leadership and decision-makers in a business are given the space to discuss and better understand where AI can be applied, leaving attendees with defined projects, with clear scopes and value propositions, that are aligned with an organisation’s appetite for risk.

Our experience has shown that huge, exciting, groundbreaking projects can begin with a small step. We don’t want to run a workshop that leaves you with a large report no one will read; we want to find these first small tangible steps you can take, to allow you to immediately begin a project.

At Waterstons, our data and AI, and innovation teams have been applying AI in a huge range of different spaces to help business find value.

  • Chat bot: Creating an expert AI bot to give customers advice while upselling products
  • Computer vision: Detecting vehicles and obstructions in docking bays to reduce manual intervention
  • Smart sensors: Forecast maintenance schedules for boilers to reduce downtime
  • Resource optimisation: Building project teams that maximise chances of success and minimise costs
  • Document intelligence: Automatically reading handwritten reports before pushing to back office.

What's the workshop like?

The day has been crafted to be fun and engaging. In the morning we:

  1. Explore current AI use cases within your sector
  2. Explore some curated and specific examples, backed by our research, that could immediately be applied to you
  3. Generate a selection of new ideas together as a group

In the afternoon:

  1. We take the generated ideas and filter them, before shaping them into more fleshed out concepts
  2. Smaller groups then take an idea and define a business case for it, trying to understand how this project would actually run
  3. Pitch all key ideas back to the group, ready to take to the wider business.

Want to take part?

AI is a broad and fast-moving field and whilst there is a lot of excitement, many do not know how to transform that into action. We want to match that ambition with the tools available from Microsoft, to scope out projects that are achievable, tangible, and will allow you to unlock the latent value in your data.


For more information, or if you would like to take part in a workshop, contact us at