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Nov 2023

We’re Jammin’!

When Newcastle University Business School asks if you want to get involved in an Inclusivity Game Jam, funded by the Catherine Cookson Foundation, there can only be one answer – a resounding YES.


Software Consultant

Karolis and Megan from our software team spent the day working with students from across the university to explore inclusivity through games, facilitated using theatre to help participants find and explore these themes.

Quite frankly, we loved it.

Megan explains more about why she wanted to get involved and what the day was like:

“I wanted to be involved in the day as I believe DEI to be super important and I was interested in seeing the creative ideas the students came up with.

“On the day I got to chat to students about how they found the event, and see the ideas they came up with for the game jam. All of the students did a presentation on their games and were able to give demonstrations and discuss the ideas behind them.

"The students said the event created a safe space for people to talk about their problems and learn about the challenges each other face daily. It was lovely to see how open and honest the students were, even when many of them were strangers to each other.

“I was inspired how many students throughout the week were pushed out of their comfort zones when having to do acting, work with new people, coding and do presentations but pushed through and were able to learn lots and have fun in the process.”


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