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Jan 2023

What is a digital mindset and how do you unlock it?

Everyone sees ‘digital’ differently; for some it can mean engaging customers in a new way, utilising new products and services that enable your people to work more productively, or upgrading your business software to give you new capabilities. We’re here to show you how to unlock your digital mindset, paving the way for business transformation.


A group of Waterstons staff members in conversation.

What is a digital mindset?

In your business it is no longer enough to simply have the latest technology, instead your whole thought process needs to change to encompass digital technologies and processes. That’s a digital mindset – shifting the way you think from traditional methods to digital ones and opening the door for new opportunities. 

Why a digital mindset is important to your business

Developing a business-wide digital mindset can take work but being able to thrive in the digital age is incredibly important, and the benefits are endless – from business development to innovation, making data-driven decisions to increasing competitive advantage, and allowing continuous learning of digital techniques and procedures. 

Unlocking your potential, as all employees are on the same wavelength, a digital mindset can be the difference between success and failure. Business models that focus digitally are better placed for changes in the market, allowing them to take a new stance and position on any changes and challenges quicker and more efficiently than others. 

The five key stages of developing a digital mindset

1. Focus on innovation and change

Your business should always be focusing on new practices and the digital platforms that are available to them. In the age of constantly evolving algorithms and AI, being one step behind can be the difference between a good year and a bad year. 

2. Develop skills through experiential and self-learning techniques

To ensure your employees develop their own digital mindset they must develop digital skills, and approach new techniques and practices with an open mind, being competent with self-learning of new digital practices to ensure that they’re constantly expanding their knowledge. 

3. Set the right business model and organisational framework

A business model and organisational framework built around your strategy, but accounting for the ever-changing digital environment is vital for a digital mindset. This has to start with your digital infrastructure, ensuring that it's suitable for the tasks you are completing. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the most expensive but must be enough to ensure that your work is done as effectively as possible. 

Ensuring suitable technical learning throughout your business model is available so your employees don’t fall behind, making sure the general focus and goals of the business are working in conjunction with digital practices. 

4. Simplify where possible

The benefits of new technology and digital practices are that they simplify tasks. 

Assess your business to understand where improvements can be made with new technology and software, as a result, you will instil a mindset throughout your teams that embracing these technologies can make everyone’s jobs more fulfilling. 

5. It's a marathon not a sprint

Learning new digital practices and creating a digital mindset can take a while, completely changing the attitudes and behaviours of your employees doesn’t just happen overnight. This is why it’s important to stay patient and take steps wherever possible. Try new things and adjust rather than overthinking change and suffering from inaction. 

Business leaders should lead by example and demonstrate their newfound mindset to their peers and over time this will create a digital mindset to be proud of. 

Digital is not the reserve of tech companies 

Having a digital mindset is not an exclusive right of technology companies and shouldn’t be left to them to find solutions. 

Businesses in any sector, of any size and with any structure can imagine, build and create new digital platforms and assets that better serve them, their teams and their customers. Being on the ground means that they are best placed to understand the needs of their stakeholders and work to produce something that fits. 

That said, this can only be achieved by seeing the value in technology and digital thinking. More and more businesses need to look at including creative technology teams as a key part of the organisational structure in order to thrive in an increasingly important space.  

How can we help?

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we’re with you. Our experts can help you unlock your potential to transform, innovate and grow; whatever your digital mindset. 

We offer extensive support through technical expertise and training to ensure your digital programs and processes are up to date and as efficient as can be. 

Contact us to see how we can help and visit our digital mindset service page if you want to find out more about how we can re-imagine your business.