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Trust us, you won’t be disappointed

One thing that sets us apart from the rest is a little something called trust. We’ve built Waterstons on the notion that if we allow our people to do the right thing, at the right time and in the right way by our colleagues, clients and of course, the business, then it’s a sound recipe for success.

We don’t subscribe to the normal nine to five routine. Why chain someone to a desk when they’re at their best either early on in the morning or late into the evening? You’re not on the clock here. No one is eye-balling you if you fancy a chat about Eastenders with another member of the team or watching the time tick by to see how long you take for a coffee break. Did we mention the kitchen is always fully stocked with free teas, coffees and snacks?

Rather, we believe that so long as you’re delivering the goods, working to the best of your ability and delivering stand out results within a project timeline, we don’t need to see your face every day. Although of course, it is always lovely to spend time with the team!

We trust our people to take responsibility for their outputs and manage their time effectively, working in a way that best suits them. If you’re the type of person that needs the structure of heading into the office every day, there’s always a space for you here. Equally, if you have other commitments outside of the office, we’re more than happy for you to work from anywhere else. We trust you to communicate with the team, wherever they’re based, to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

It’s a model that works really well for us. We have excellent staff retention because people genuinely enjoy being part of our team; they embrace the trust we place in them and in return, they run with the opportunities we provide. Many of our team joined us as graduates and have been here ever since. Equally, our more experienced recruits welcome the challenge of adapting to the culture of Waterstons, often commenting on how it’s not like any place they’ve worked before, and thrive once they’re acclimatised.

As part of the trust we place in our people, we also expect you to take responsibility for your own training and professional development. After all, no one wants to be forced to attend a course that has no relevance to you at all. Rather, we trust that you’ll flag up any areas you want to explore further and learn more about. That’s why we build time into your resource plan to give you the capacity to ‘have a play’ with the latest gadgets and gizmos on the market.

We’ll have a conversation with you about how best we can facilitate your professional development. As Microsoft Partners, we have the facilities to support and help you to gain professional certifications. Equally, the team around you are collective geniuses. If you want to learn more about something then the chances are someone here will know a thing or two about it, and so we actively encourage knowledge sharing too. We trust you to shout up when you don’t know something, and in turn, we’ll go out of our way to help fill that knowledge gap.

Remember that thing about not being tied to your desk? It’s exactly that. Need to have a chat with someone to discuss the best way to go about a particular project or specialist software? Get up and have the conversation – we’re trusting you to do the right thing. And because we’re not all work and no play, if the occasional nerf gun fight breaks out while you’re up and about, well, pick a side and jump right in! Work should be enjoyable after all…

Speaking of knowledge sharing, we’re big on exploration and learning new skills too. That’s why at Waterstons we hold regular internal Hack Days. They’re always a huge success and a talking point for months, if not years, to come. Next time you see us, ask about the hovercraft that was too heavy to take off or the xylophone you could tweet a tune to.

As well as our internal Hack Day, we also hold an annual Customer Hack Day. We trust the talent and professionalism of our team to work on a real-life brief collaboratively with a client, under a lot of pressure and in a tight time-frame, with the very real risk that it might all go wrong. But if it all does go belly-up at the end of the day, that’s totally okay, there’s always a beer in the fridge waiting for you to help take the edge off!. We trust that you’ll have learned from the experience, will have a better understanding of what will work in the future, and will have the ability to conjure up a workable proof of concept for the client to take back to their business which will fulfil their Hack Day brief over the coming days. Of course, it’s a great day for the team, but it’s also a brilliant opportunity for us to showcase our people’s talent face-to-face with our clients too. Because, you know, we’re pretty proud of all the people we’ve got working here.

Call us biased, but we firmly believe we have the very best people at Waterstons and a big part of that is down to our culture – we attract the right people, and as a result, our expert team is something our clients have come to know and love us for. Seriously, we aren’t just a bunch of techy nerds. We value experience from all different backgrounds and believe that each individual brings something unique to the team. Some of the people here have backgrounds in maths, science, even theoretical physics – if you’ve got the ability to problem-solve, think creatively, and have an inquisitive mind, we can teach you the rest.

Webinar | Create a Resilient Business

27 October 2020

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