#FiveThreeOne – Three core services

Waterstons' CEO describes Waterstons' three core services and how these services interact to deliver pragmatic and cost effective solutions that really add value to our clients' businesses and support their strategic objectives.

Have you been introduced to #FiveThreeOne?

Three is the magic number. Here at Waterstons we identify with a #FiveThreeOne partnership approach: Five ways to business performance delivered through Three core services, by One trusted partner – Waterstons.

Our magical trinity refers to Transformation, Bespoke and Technology. These three core services epitomise how we deliver improvements to our partner's businesses through the pragmatic use of technology. Whilst we differentiate the service offerings, all are inextricably linked and are complemented by our multi-disciplined consultants that often straddle the service boundaries to provide a unique approach to solution design, delivery and support at the highest of standards.


Transformation is what we thrive on. Our Transformation team is composed of experienced, knowledgeable and inquisitive business consultants and sector specialists with a keen technology focus. They are motivated to find innovative ways, often through the application of technology, to drive business improvement. Their breadth of industry experience enables them to understand and anticipate business needs whilst their skills enable them to identify options and make recommendations that align with our customers’ strategies.

Our consultants are actively involved in many industry sectors including manufacturing, energy, education, social housing, construction and engineering as well as transport and distribution. This breadth of business knowledge enables us to share technology best practices across different industries, often with profound results. Typical transformation engagements range from delivery of business alignment and benefits-led business cases; technology investment appraisals; management of change; project management and business analysis through to solutions architecture. At the heart of all activities is the focus on what is logical, pragmatic and ultimately adds real value to the client.


We don’t have a product. Our Bespoke consultants partner companies to help solve near impossible problems by creating and adapting software. Everything our bespoke development consultants deliver is creatively tailored to mitigate specific business challenges. After all, no two businesses are the same. Our clients endorse that unique, custom crafted solutions can provide the competitive edge and enable better business performance.

No project is the same and our bespoke consultants excel at challenge, innovative problem solving and application solution design and delivery. We have delivered wonderfully varied bespoke solutions from practical architecture and design advice to complex mobile applications as well as suites of integrated applications and collaborative business intelligent systems. We are flexible in our approach to problem solving, adapting our style to complement the culture and expectations of our clients; whether as discrete one-off projects developed, packaged and delivered to the customer, to collaborative agile development projects, partnering with client teams.

Uniquely, all of our bespoke developers also support the solutions we deliver. Therefore, our mantra is to adhere to the highest quality standards to guarantee sustainability and low cost of maintenance for our clients.


Technology is the third panel in our triptych. From enterprise architecture to managed services and support, our Technology consultants ultimately aim to reduce the cost of IT services. This cost reduction may be evident in engagements such as security and risk mitigation, identification and adoption of operation efficiencies, resiliency and continuous improvement through the adoption of technology.

The pace of technological change can create real challenges for IT teams and businesses alike. The Technology consultants see it as their mission to translate the risks and complexity associated with change into sound judgement and recommendations, ensuring any investment in technology is justified for our clients. They draw on their extensive experience in a range of best of breed technologies and disciplines that include experts in network and security, storage and virtualisation, end user computing, messaging and communication and collaboration to help shape and deliver value from IT and support future growth and profitability. We would never recommend technology for technology sake, it must add real business value.

Complementing the technology delivery, we are also engaged in support for our partners. We are trusted to provide fully outsourced support, working with clients’ onsite and remotely as well as adhoc, reactive support models. The frameworks are individually tailored to client needs but the same level of unique customer service is delivered irrespective of the model in place. Our inherent value set ensures that we do not put boundaries around what we do, as a trusted partner it is crucial that we put the needs of our client first.

Our three core services are united by our greatest asset: our people. Our customer intimate approach combined with the flexibility, knowledge and experience of our people ensures we continue to partner and work repeatedly with clients and attract new work in all three core services.

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31 December 2020

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