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Waterstons Sustainability Forum

We are proud to announce the launch of our Sustainability Forum which aims to engage business leaders across a range of industries to share and discuss insights, challenges, best practice and emerging opportunities to ultimately lead to a better business, and a better planet. Expert guest speakers, or those wishing to share their organisation’s journey, will host sessions which facilitate open discussion and knowledge share.

Waterstons event | Business Consulting

27 Sep

Online Event

Tue 27 Sep 2022, 11am - 12pm

The sessions are open to our clients and will be held every other month. 

Topics covered will include:

  • ESG strategy and reporting
  • Responsible IT management
  • Legislation and regulation changes
  • Electronic waste and greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • Reducing energy and waste in manufacturing processes
  • Improving material reuse in construction

We believe the planet, people and profit should have equal focus within business, and this community is aimed at ensuring that is maintained.

Session two details:

Join us next month to dive deeper into ESG. Alex Bookless, our Technical Director, will be discussing the development of Waterston’s own approach to ESG topics, and Mike Davis, Executive Business Consultant,  will look at how we are helping our clients establish their own, particularly navigating the myriad of ESG acronyms and reporting frameworks, and how to design a framework that scales appropriately for your business size.

Discussion is welcome around how ESG should leverage existing strategies, including identifying ESG objectives and initiatives that already exist in your business, and determining which disclosure topics are truly important to your stakeholders or are likely to be relevant to your industry sector.

Many of our clients are already well advanced in their ESG journeys, and others are just starting. No matter where you sit, your input or questions are welcome. The deep Sustainability experience of many of our participants has proven invaluable to everyone in attendance at our previous forums.

Hope to see you there! 

This forum is for our clients, however if you are interested in coming along please email Thank you.