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Rhianna Headshot
Written byRhianne Short
Cyber Security Strategy, Cyber Resilience
Nov 2022

Say ‘Hayya’ to spyware

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has started and with Qatar expecting around 1.5 million visitors over the course of the tournament, a huge surface area for a potential cyber-attack or data breach has been…

Andrew Buckingham
Written byAndrew Buckingham
Nov 2022

DurHack 2022

Once a year, in a building (not that) far away, hackers gather to compare their (not at all) malicious deeds.

Simon Evans Headshot
Written bySimon Evans
Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001
Nov 2022

ISO 27001 - time for a change

It's been almost 10 years since the last updates to the ISO 27001 standard, and while there's nothing significantly different there are some things to take note of...

Written byTom Lee
Cyber Resilience, Cyber Security Strategy, Data Protection and GDPR
Nov 2022

Don’t buy more than you bargained for

The internet is the biggest retail park in the world and, despite originating in the US, Black Friday (and its counterpart Cyber Monday) has become the most anticipated shopping day* of the year…

Mike Pemberton
Written byMike Pemberton
Technology Consulting, Business Consulting, Business Resilience, Project Management
Nov 2022

Is your business prepared for a blackout?

Since the talk of potential power outages and blackouts started, rumours and scaremongering abound - some have even taken to stockpiling should electricity supplies be cut.

Picture of Scott
Written byScott McNab
Cyber Resilience, Cyber Security Strategy, Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001
Oct 2022

Sport and cyber security

How can these things possibly be linked? A Sunday league kickabout, summer cricket tournaments and community netball matches aren’t strong candidates for a cyber threat, right? Wrong.

Michael Waghorn Headshot
Written byMichael Waghorn
Cyber Resilience, Cyber Security Strategy
Oct 2022

10 steps to achieving business continuity

According to ISO 22301, business continuity is defined as: ‘the capability of the organisation to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following disruptive…

Shashank Headshot
Written byShashank Patwardhan
Bespoke Software, Software Delivery & Consultancy, Cyber Resilience
Oct 2022

Five key parts of the (secure) cycle of life

Secure SDLC is defined as the process of integrating security throughout the software development lifecycle, helping you catch issues in requirements before they manifest as security problems in…