Chris Manders

Software Consultant

I have always been intrigued by the inner workings of things and started exploring this pretty early on, whether digitally or in real life, so it’s only natural that my life is surrounded by technology.

I started work doing internal IT support for a couple of schools before moving to Newcastle and working in more customer focused support roles, starting with Mac/iPhone support and moving up to server-side support provisioning and maintaining cloud-hosted CRM solutions. From there it was a natural leap into software development, learning to automate tasks and create bespoke internal tools, and after finding a natural affinity for it I took the dive and fully immersed myself into the world of software development.

Since then I’ve expanded my knowledge to cover the full software spectrum from front-end to back-end and enjoyed learning all I can, but I missed the days of supporting clients and working with them to deliver a solution. I went looking for the next big step, and am now happy to be combining all of those experiences and joys as a Software Consultant with Waterstons.

My life isn’t all about that though, perhaps unsurprisingly I am a gaming/sci-fi fan in my spare time, but I also enjoy mountain biking and more recently playing rugby to get my outdoor excitement.


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