Embracing ideas

One Great Week

...to tackle that seemingly impossible problem, or explore the possibilities of a concept or idea with the reassurance that you’ll get the best results.

See the possibilities

Companies are often fearful of acting on a vision. The risk of starting a large project without being confident of the end result or the exact possibilities are often too much.

Research and investigation can be costly and time consuming; and by the time you’ve decided that it’s worth embarking upon the project, the prime time for the opportunity can be missed. Ensuring that you have all of the right knowledge to make an informed decision can also be difficult to come by.

All of these issues, while absolutely understandable, stop innovations from coming to fruition in a timely manner and stop you reaping the benefits.


...having all of the tools, knowledge and expertise in one room, for one week, away from the daily distractions of the office and with only one goal – to solve that tricky problem or finally figure out if your idea has legs.

We thought that made sense too, and that’s when One Great Week was born...

One Great Week

One Great Week

Whether you need a business case, a proposed architecture, an integration plan, a project go/no-go decision, or even if you’re not quite sure what you need, our specialist teams can help. One Great Week can help you to:

  • Achieve fast results rapidly
  • Gain access to a wide range of specialists
  • Increase confidence in decision making
  • Test feasibility before embarking upon a large project

Ready to tackle that challenge? Give us a call on 0345 094 094 5

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