Beverley Robinson

Senior Information Security Consultant

Over the last 20 years I have worked in both the private finance sector and Local Government, specialising in Information Security, Data Protection, Information Management and Governance. I have a Post Grad in Information Security Management from Royal Holloway University of London, which gave me a great foundation and the opportunity to be taught by some leaders in the field. I am a founding member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals and I feel we all have a role in raising the bar in security and increasing awareness without scare mongering and fear, taking simple steps to improve and secure.

It’s a fascinating subject area and I love to continue my learning and use it to help others achieve what they need to, in a secure and efficient way. I love how this role overlaps so many other career areas giving me the opportunity to pick up understanding of other disciplines such as HR, Social Care, Legal, regulatory services, finance, law enforcement etc. and learning how I can add value. Although there are some things none of us should do I aim to avoid saying ‘No’ but instead ‘Yes, if you do it this way’

I am very interested in law, psychology, criminology and how they interlink with law enforcement to Information Security and Data Protection; whether that be in fiction or the real world.

At Waterstons I help organisations with Information Security and Governance needs, which could be achieving compliance with Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, Data Protection/GDPR or even just gap analysis, policy assistance and general advice.

Outside work I love to spend quality time with my family, I’m a mum of two small children with boundless energy as well as being full of mischief and fun. I have a love for music (mainly rock and metal with a little opera) and craft when I get time. One of my biggest passions is my wanderlust where I am drawn to new places with fantastic scenery, nature and different cultures.


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