Lewis Maddison

Technology Consultant Internal IT

I grew up in the rural hills of Weardale, which was a fantastic place to live if you didn’t need fast internet or any phone signal! I joined Waterstons the day after sitting my last A-Level exam. I would have started the same day if my exam wasn’t in the afternoon! I just couldn’t wait to walk into the office and sit next to all the cool tech guys. I’m still as excited today, I love working with cutting edge technology and the nicest of people here at Waterstons.

My role at Waterstons involves me looking after our internal devices and systems and providing support to all my colleagues. I am also a part of the service desk team who deal with all aspects of technology for our clients, which is brilliant as there is a new challenge every day. However, being the second youngest consultant in the service desk family automatically means you’re the target for nerf darts.

When I’m not trying to convince my colleagues to either go skiing with me or to have a companywide game of capture the flag (a strategic version of bulldog) you’ll find me trying to solve problems for event management companies based in the north east, some of the more noteworthy ‘challenges’ include: entertaining members from the famous rock band “The Jam” in my Mum’s kitchen (long Story), erecting a huge polystyrene Stonehenge-type structure for ITV’s drama series “Beowulf” (an even longer story) and fireproofing a swimming pool (it’s harder than it sounds).


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